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frank streufert

8th Grade Algebra I and Life Science

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Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.     Hebrews 13:8

New for Apr. 23 - 27 and Apr. 30 - May 4 

Camp Wesley Woods
The 7th and 8th Grade students will be visiting Camp Wesley Woods for Outdoor Education. While there, they will learn orienteering, study stream life and chemistry, identify native trees and plants and search for animal life. Additionally, they will work together to solve problems in a course through the woods and challenge themselves on a high ropes course.  

Life Science
Systems of the human body are the topic for class. The Skeletal, Muscular and Endocrine Systems are the focus for these weeks. Students will discover how incredibly complex the human body is and how God has designed all systems to work together to have a functioning organism.

Algebra 1
During these weeks, students will review the Pythagorean Theorem, the Distance and Midpoint Formula and how to use these in solving everyday problems. The topic of Rational Expressions will follow - students will learn to simplify, multiply and divide these complex expressions.