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Peggy Bilsten

Physical Education teacher for Kindergarten - 8th grade 

Physical Education Curriculum

Students in Kindergarten - 8th grade take part in Physical Education (P.E.) twice per week for 45 minutes and work on a variety of fun, healthy and engaging physical activities. 

Kindergarten through Second Grade: Students work on large/gross motor skills, a variety of sports skills, how to work as a team as well as learn about healthy living practices.

Third through Fifth Grade: Students work on basic motor skills such as running, jumping, kicking, catching and throwing, all of which are used in combination with aerobic activities and *lead-up games. Team games and sports are part of the curriculum.

Sixth through Eighth Grade: Team sports are taught through *lead-up games and simplified rules of the sports that require gross motor skills. Soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, track and field and speedball are used to teach skills and fundamentals. 

*Many students enjoy the game aspect of sports, but don’t enjoy practicing isolated skills. Typically, students become more interested in learning if they play in game-like scenarios. Therefore, lead-up games provide an opportunity for students to practice skills in a simulated game situation. The combination of games and drills provides optimal learning experiences for the students. 

                       Students enjoy the newly-installed climbing wall! 

Fifth graders take part in a game of gym hockey!