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5th and 6th Grade Homeroom Combination, plus 4th Grade Science, 5th Grade Science, 6th Grade Science,5th and 6th Grade Language Arts and Reading, 7th and 8th grade Language Arts and Reading, Middle School Genius Hour and 5th and 6th Grade Art.

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Mrs. woodrow's classroom motto

C - Committed. Commit to act kindly and use your bright mind 

O - Opinionated. Use a brace voice and be fearless in learning.

O - Oriented. Remember the direction you are going and your compass. 

 L - Legit. Know that you are an official student and remember to be yourself. 

Teaching philosophy

 Above all, it's my desire that students would be assured of the hope they have in Christ.  That as it says in  Ephesians 3:19, they would 'know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that they may be filled with all the fullness of God.'

"Discovery requires curiosity and a bold spirit."

I first heard these words in a video that NASA created about Mars exploration; but, I believe they ring true for education as well.  To be a part of a student's academic journey is a gift.  As a teacher, I believe it's my responsibility to foster the curiosity of my students through teaching critical thinking and problem solving.  Boldness should be empowered in the classroom by challenging students to take risks in their learning and encouraging bravery in the face of obstacles.