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Middle School Handbell Choir  

Our middle schoolers have done an awesome job in learning handbells and have performed several times during chapel and other school events such as Grandparents' Day and graduation. We're so proud of how quickly they've mastered handbells! 

 Music Curriculum

Kindergarten through Second Grade:
Students learn how to demonstrate and identify musical contrasts; demonstrate steady beat through movement, singing, and playing instruments; identify all the families of orchestral instruments and play  a variety of classroom percussion instruments; develop healthy singing techniques and matching teacher pitch; identify basic rhythmic and pitch notation; sing chapel songs in class and in worship; listen to and identify a variety of musical styles; listen to books and color pictures about music; prepare choral music for the annual Christmas and Grandparents' Day programs.

Third through Fifth Grade:
Students learn how to sing in two parts; apply knowledge of dynamics, tempo, and mode; identify pitch (including accidentals) using treble and bass clef, the keyboard, and solfege syllables and hand signs interchangeably; identify complex and syncopated rhythms using time signatures and standard rhythmic notation (notes and rests); further develop healthy singing techniques; sing chapel songs in class and in worship; listen to and identify a variety of musical styles; prepare choral music for the annual Christmas and Grandparents Day programs.

Sixth - Eighth Grade: 
Students learn how to sing harmony in three or four parts; memorize key signatures in both the major and minor modes; aurally and visually identify basic harmonic progressions (I, IV, V); practice weekly and perform in a Middle School Hand bell Choir; identify and perform complex rhythms with and without the use of percussion instruments; further develop healthy singing techniques; sing chapel songs in class and in worship; listen to and identify a variety of musical styles; prepare choral music for the annual Christmas and Grandparents' Day programs.

Click here to see how BCA exceeds the Tennessee academic standards for music.

"Music Notes" from Dr. Harr:

BCA Annual Christmas Program: Tuesday, December 18, 7:00 p.m.

The theme of this year's Christmas Program is "Welcoming the Refugee: Learning to Love like God." We will focus on how Mary and Joseph might have felt when they left their home to travel to Bethlehem for the census. We will also read the Bible and learn about what God tells us about how to embrace people who are different from us. From how Christmas is celebrated in Africa, to the history of St.Nicholas, to the festival of Hanukkah, the students will show us how we can share the love of Jesus with everyone, regardless of where they are from, what language they speak, or what they look like.

Individual speaking parts have been distributed and sent home with the students, as well as copies of the anthem lyrics each choir will sing for the program. Students should wear solid white, khaki, or navy collared shirts, pants, or skirts. No Christmas outfits and no chapel dress,please. We would like the students to be comfortable, as well as display the appropriate attire for the diverse subject matter of this year's program. Please bring your children to the sanctuary at Good Shepherd no later than6:30 p.m. on December 18.

Also, if you would like to contribute a dessert or beverage to the reception following the program, you are welcome to contact me ([email protected]), Lori Bessler ([email protected]), or Jennifer Woodrow ([email protected]) You can also sign up on the online PTL Volunteer SignUp. I am looking forward to the opportunity for the students to share their musical gifts with you! They have all worked very hard this year in music class! Please invite your family and friends to this very special program, and thank you for your support of Belvoir Christian Academy!

Here are links to the recordings of each song, so you can practice with your child at home:

K-2 Choir: "African Noel"

3-5 Choir: "Candlelight Canon"

6-8 Choir: "Gaudete"

This is my second year teaching music at BCA, and I have an exciting year planned for our music department!

Please mark your calendar for our Grandparents Day Program on March 8, 2019, at 8:30 a.m. This is one of our biggest musical events of the year, and I don't want a single student to miss this wonderful musical experience!

I have created the Hymn of the Month (HOM) schedule for the entire school year. We will sing these songs every week during Chapel. This year, our Hymns of the Month focus primarily on music from other cultures, as well as parts of the Lutheran Liturgy. All of the numbers on the list refer to our chapel book, All God’s People Sing. Please practice these hymns with your children at home, and let me know if you sing any of these hymns in your churches on any given Sunday. I’d love to know!

Please click here to view or print the HOM schedule for 2018-2019.

Click on the HOM title below to hear a recording (and practice at home!):

December HOM: "He is Born, the Child Divine"

An important change to the music curriculum this school year is the addition of an elementary hand bell choir. Students in grades 3-5 will now be learning how to play hand bells, and will play for chapel, the Christmas Program, and the Grandparents' Day Program. I hope to also take them on the road with the Middle School hand bell choir and share their music with places in our community, such as nursing homes, community centers, and other schools.

Our weekly music class schedule will once again include Music Theory, Music Appreciation, and Aural Theory/Sight Singing, as well as two hand bell choirs and three vocal choirs. We’ll learn how music works by listening to and talking about different types of music, work on our vocal technique by listening to our bodies and each other, study music notation and terminology, and discover where instruments came from and how they work – just to name a few! I was very impressed by how quickly the students grasped these new concepts last year, and I can’t wait to see how much more they accomplish this year!

Thank you for the opportunity to teach your children how music can affect every aspect of their lives, as well as help them to share the Gospel with your family, your church, and with the community! If you’d like to be a part of music education at BCA, or you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to call me, email me, or find me at school. I am the President of the Parent Teacher League this year, as well, so you’ll be seeing and hearing a lot from me! 

God’s blessings,
Dr. Sarah C. Harr