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notes from ms. dahnke, head of school


The Drought 

Coming back from last summer's drought has been a difficult journey for all things green and leafy. Have you noticed the number of weeds in your driveway, lawn, and flowerbeds? It seems that they have come back ten-fold, unlike the grass. We are finally starting to see green where the lawn has been brown, muddy, and lifeless. The rains, especially these past two weeks, have done an amazing job of brightening up the brown and replacing it with green. The rains have replenished the earth with much-needed life-giving water. The National Weather Service has announced that we are no longer considered to be in a drought.

The drought and my lawn remind me of our Christian walk. We go along for awhile thinking that we have it altogether. We pray, we read the Bible, and we go to church but we are like the sprinkler to the lawn. We are only touching the surface and nothing is going down deep. Soon, we quit sprinkling because it is just too much work and does not seem to be making a difference anyway.  Before you know it, our lives become brown, dull, and lifeless. We say we love the Lord but underneath, we really do not have time to make Him our main focus because we are so busy and too involved in what is happening in our own lives. 

Needless to say, if we do not continue to water our faith by reading and praying, pretty soon, it will dry up just like the grass and flowers of last summer. God did not create us to be self-sufficient relying only on our own strength. He created us to need Him and to need each other to grow and bloom and to make our roots grow deeper and deeper. If you have ever seen a palm tree in a hurricane, it does not usually stand because it lacks a strong root system. Likewise, if you have ever watched someone with shallow roots in God run into any issues, you will notice that he or she will not be able to stand by him/herself for very long, either.  

Recently, we had a sermon in church that talked about the importance of reading the Bible, getting involved with community, and praying several times a day. I think that most of you could say you had a similar sermon, too. All of this fills up our tank, or our water barrel, so to speak.  If it drains dry, we feel left all alone to deal with all of life's ups and downs. If we keep it full, or at least work on refilling it, we will find that we have more hope, more peace, more patience, and just are more joyful because we know that God will supply what we need and will keep us growing.How is your personal garden doing? Does it need watering? Is it brown or is it a brilliant, thick green? Is it full of weeds in the cracks? Let God be a part of your life and see what he can make of it. He will never fail you or forsake you and He will always be there to help you through any drought.